Gattaca - DNA Tinkering, or
Regeneration ala Dr. Robert O. Becker, MD?

We missed the mark on regeneration by focusing on the DNA when Dr. Becker already figured out nearly 50 years ago that it is more important to focus on incouraging the body to live up to its full potential - which it usually falls short of - rather than alter it.

Our DNA is good enough as it is. Stop monkeying with it.

Let's get on with our life by recognizing the role which we can play in stimulating the production of stem cells from collagen within ourselves (ch. 8 in his book) with the help of silver and silica – not in a test tube in someone else's lab.

This is what Dr. Becker did: he never micromanaged anything leaving regeneration to the wisdom of the body. All he did was wake up the body's capacity for regeneration - without resorting to DNA therapies - by merely using mild electricity along with silver as a catalyst. I have added the significance of soluble silica (at Becker's suggestion from his book) for those of us whose production of connective tissue has become compromised.

We already generated ourselves from a single cell inside our Mother's womb. And bones reshape themselves continually throughout life in response to any change in weight, or direction of load, which we bring to bear upon them. Becker already knew this as an orthopedic surgon, and a scholar, operating at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Syracuse, New York, and teaching at Upstate Medical Center in State University of New York.

So, I place before you the concept that the body can alter its expression of the DNA to suit circumstances far beyond its ability to satisfy genetic preconceptions to include genetic ad lib. This is the factor which messenger RNA can excel at: making up information which is not included within our DNA at birth. If you don't think this is possible, then go learn from Bruce Lipton...

...or, from Maharishi: "Behavior [knowledge] is structured in Consciousness."

In other words...
The RNA can misread whatever is in the DNA. It happens all the time. This can be a good thing, but it could just as easily result in less than desirable results. Either way, the outcome is flexible and not predetermined by our DNA, but by our consciousness influencing the behavior of our RNA for better or for worse. And our consciousness is partly influenced by our environment. See the point? It's not all written in the stars, so to speak, as to how we turn out. We get to alter our physical, emotional, and mental self according to our own input whether or not we're paying attention.

So, how does Dr. Becker contribute to this scenario of the possibility of overriding the DNA? By incouraging regeneration of our physical being and discouraging cancer. He literally discovered the on/off switch to both regeneration and cancer at the level of the RNA. It's called the polarity of mild electricity (nanoamps – ½ nA to 1+ µA, and millivolts or microvolts). And he also discovered the catalyst of silver furthering the role which this protocol can achieve. I've added my own discovery that regeneration is fruitless if the production of collagen is lacking. This promotes the idea that the nutritional supplementation of soluble silica, buffered to a suitable pH and taken with meals, is the predicate for Becker's regenerative protocol. And all of this is easily achievable by the home hobbyist – not to mention proficient healers not bound by maintaining the status quo of anyone's profit margin (the FDA) or union rules (the AMA).

Let's Look at this Another Way...

Electricity and Hydrogen Peroxide are the keys to understanding stem cells.

The study of telomeres is merely an attempt among geneticists to slow down the inevitable degeneration and aging of the human physiology. It does not provide a solution to the aging process should it already occur, which it will, via stressors that are beyond our power to completely avoid, namely: x-ray damage, carcinogens and mutagens, etc.

Dr. Becker took a different approach. He defined a set of procedures for replacing worn out cells should they become damaged due to trauma: wound care, which can just as easily be applied to whole body care for a very chronic condition, namely: aging.

The key to this latter understanding – lying beyond genetics – is to focus on the white blood cell's specialized function to weaken pathogens with mild DC electricity and hydrogen peroxide. The hydro-peroxide ion could just as easily be ionically associated with an ion of silver as it could be associated with an ion of sodium making regeneration just as likely a specialized function of the white blood cell as would be its other better known function of fighting infections. It is no happenstance that both stem cells and blood cells are created in our bone marrow. This statistical correlation is one of a deep abiding causal relation between regeneration and our blood.

And both hydrogen peroxide and electricity are the keys to understand how we may cure ourselves, and prevent, argyria. For argyria is a first degree burn in which the damaged tissue has the added insult of storing particles of silver encapsulated on all sides by healthy tissue blocking any signals of "damage in need of repair" from ever reaching stem cells, or any other kind of cells, which are swimming around in our bloodstream. So, if the message never gets received, then for all intents and purposes – as far as stem cells are concerned, the damage has never happened. Thus, argyria is never addressed and the person gets to look bluish for the rest of their life.

Healing begins in our blood. How may we assist in this process? By studying the research of Dr. Robert O. Becker, MD, and giving him credit where credit is long over due for -- what amounts to – stem cell research ahead of his time.

Electricity and Hydrogen Peroxide are the keys to understanding stem cells, 40 minutes...

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Electricity and Hydrogen Peroxide are the keys to understanding stem cells

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My Review of the Movie: Gattaca

Imperfection can be defined as a functional gap within the context of perfection.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has defined a similar gap, in between any two states of consciousness, as an opportunity to transcend and experience the self by itself. This transcendental experience is akin to samadhi, turiya, the fourth state of consciousness after considering waking, dreaming and sleeping.

Maharishi has also qualified our consumption of GMO's as eventually prohibiting our ability to transcend.

Why is that? Because genetically modified organisms are perfect. And by incorporating that perfection into our physiology through the integrative quality of our metabolism, we will slowly lose the gaps of imperfection in our life, and thus slowly lose our capacity to transcend relative existence during meditation.

This may not seem like a loss by most people. But the loss is our inability as a specie to benefit from yoga for its survival value. Because anyone who fails to transcend the limitations of his or her existence fails to evolve. This eventually costs us our survival – not right away, nor even noticeably, but you can count on it occurring eventually.